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Using the latest in laser projection technologies from FARO®. Wittbrodt and Associate’s teams provide the the fastest and most accurate means of performing factory  floor layouts.

Using the CAD design, we project and draw all the detail you require to build and/or install you systems. Working directly from the CAD design eliminates errors that occur during the manual style layout process and in some cases have found design errors that would have to be fixed during the build process that add unforeseen costs.

Wittbrodt and Associates is also a Authorized Distributor of FARO® TracerM .

We can provide laser projection solutions for manufacturing.

Faster build times due to amount of information readily available on floor layout.

Reduced Labor Costs

More equipment can be installed in less time, saving costs and time.

Reduced Time-In-System

Laser projects data developed from design directly to floor eliminating drawing misreads and measurement mix ups. Eliminates rework.

Increased First Time Quality

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